GRV Sale Greyhounds Track

June 2023
Sale VIC
Greyhound Racing Victoria

The Sale Greyhounds Track project is a component of a comprehensive five-year initiative undetaken by Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) to enhance essential infrastructure across racing clubs throughout the state. Grampians was awarded the contract to execute improvements on the track and related civil infrastructure at the Sale Greyhound Racing track. 

Our scope of work included the following:

  • A comprehensive regrading and widening of the track, covering an area of approximately 4,500 square meters.
  • Implementation of a new lighting system consisting of 48 poles and 14 roof lights. Including both underground and above-ground conduit and cabling.
  • The laying of 1.8km of concrete and kerbing, in addition to 400 square meters of concrete slabs.
  • A redesigned track fencing layout, inclusive of a mechanical gate system.
  • The installation of new lure rail infrastructure, complete with a motor, and installation of 200 linear meters of new stormwater drainage. 

We collaborated closely with our local subcontractors to streamline the projects timeline by identifying efficiencies in the sequencing of tasks. 

Our team was on the right track to success and the project was completed four weeks ahead of the initially projected schedule.  Go team. 

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