Emerald Cemetery Project

Avonsleigh VIC
The Greater Metropolitan Trust (GMCT)

The Greater Metropolitan Trust upgraded the Emerald Cemetary, which included widening the entry, upgrading the existing swing gate to a solar-powered sliding gate, reconstructing the pavement, increasing the stormwater drainage system, and constructing a new entrance for GMCT Operations to use. 

The project required significant engagment with the community due to a large River Red Gum at the entry and the existing heritage gate which is original. Grampians redesigned the road profile while protecting the structural roots of the River Red Gum. 

The heritage gate was retained and incorporated into the new mechanised gate which has preserved the history of this cemetery. 

Grampians worked persistently and completed the project ahead of the set date for practical completion. The team worked effectively with the client and stakeholders to come up with solutions. 

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